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Dorota Katarzyna Cieloch

In her previous professional work, she was aware that a lot of people make impressions about a particular company on the basis of the contact with the  staff. She has always carried out her duties with care and with a positive attitude towards people. She volunteered at the NE Derbyshire Citizen Advice Bureau.

She used to work in an office environment in Amber. Her duties as an Office Administrator  included the   preparation of financial reports for the financial ombudsman,  Financial Supervision Authority.
She used to administrate in all areas of business. and maintenance works on residential and non-residential buildings, machinery repair and maintenance, repair and maintenance of metal prefabricated products (Project management at Amber Engineering).


The idea to become self-employed stemmed from the belief that she could achieve more.While studying at the University of Derby she took a special interest in the module concerning the legal system, because The United Kingdom has three separate legal systems: one each for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This reflects its historical origin.


While acquiring knowledge at University, the law of contracts was interesting and it should be noted that it should not raise doubts that this is a very important branch of law, with the designing of contracts, staff has diligence in everyday life, eg. a contract for the purchase, an employee contract While attending lectures and seminars of the above-mentioned module she had the opportunity to learn about the individual features of the contract elements.
Outside of professional life- her  hobbies and interests are cooking and travelling.

Steven Mark Dixon

As one of our Consultants, Steven’s role is to liaise with clients in order to find the right roles for the best candidates As part of his job role, he matches different clients and candidate files and sorts them into different categories for optimum organization.

Outside of work Steven holds several interests including football and watching movies.

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